Welcome to Technadol

This is Technadol, a company built for companies. We solve your technical headaches with our specialized skills and attractive packages.

Responsive You Say?

Yes! Technadol is based on the cloud framework, so it has full responsive support for companies of all sizes. This will mean cost savings for startups. Save from the cost of purchasing IT equipments that you might not need.


Is your PC crashing / infected by Virus?
Are you bothered by Slow Internet?
Are you suffering from Data Loss?
Are you unable to receive Emails?
Are you unable to Print?
Are you running out of Space?

We have the solution!

Checkout the various plans that we have in store for you. If it doesnt work out for you. We also have 'Cure All' solutions built just for you. Just drop us an email and discuss.

Who We Are

Technical support an email away!

We based our support skills in Singapore. We are capable of handling all your IT headaches, just like what a painkiller does for your headaches.

What We Do

We solve your headaches

  • Common IT Problems
  • Slow Internet Connection
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Fast IT Response
  • Office Setup
  • Office IT Maintenance


what we are after

  • "Pay only what you use!"

    Cloud Computing
  • "Know what's inside"

    Open Source Software
  • "Putting the world into your hands!"

    Mobile Computing